Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Who is really qualified to inject Botox® and fillers?

Have you ever wondered why prices vary so much on Botox®? Have you ever wondered why your less expensive Botox® didn’t last very long? Neurotoxins such at Botox can only be purchased from the manufacturer or a licensed distributer.  Very inexpensive product can be purchased over the internet from foreign countries (which is illegal) and may be counterfeit.

Prices are usually higher if the plastic surgeon is doing the injections. The board certified plastic surgeon has the most training and expertise to handle any problems that could occur.

In the state of Arizona, the following licensed professionals may inject Botox® or dermal fillers:

  • MD
  • DO
  • Naturopathic physician (NMD)
  • Nurse Practitioner (NP)—does not require supervision by a doctor

Per the Arizona Board of Nursing, a licensed RN in Arizona may inject if:
  • The can show they have taken a course on injection and have adequate training
  • They have immediate access by phone with the supervising MD or DO 
  • AND that supervising physician is available in person within 4 hours when requested by the nurse or the patient. 

If you are having injections done in a med spa by someone who is not a physician, always ask who is doing the injections (RN, NP, etc.) and ask about their qualifications. Who is the medical director? What is the medical director’s specialty, and what is their board certification? Does the doctor also do the injections? Can the medical director handle any complications?

Be safe.  Be smart. Ask.

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