Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Putting Your Best Face Forward

The Arizona hot weather has arrived!! We remember to drink more water in the heat, but it is also a good time to think about taking care of our skin. The most important thing you can do for your skin is to protect it from the sun.  You do not need extra time in the sun to make vitamin D—in fact, your risk of getting a melanoma from sun exposure is much higher than ever having a vitamin D deficiency from lack of sun exposure! Sun block should be applied every 2 hours when outside (that includes when you are in your car—the UVA rays, which cause skin cancer, still penetrate through car windows). Sun block that is in makeup or lotions are not present in high enough concentrations to provide adequate protection.  A separate sun block should be used. SPF 50 or higher is recommended.

Other skin care products can also help with aging skin or protecting against the effects of the environment:
·      General moisturizers that have petroleum based ingredients make a waterproof barrier and will help minimize loss of moisture from the skin.
·      HA products such as TEOXANE add water to the skin and hydrate.
·      Products with glycolic help to gently remove the dead skin cell layers, allowing the other ingredients to more easily penetrate the skin.
·      Plant based ingredients such as chamomile help calm and sooth irritated skin. 
·      Other antioxidants, when used regularly can help the skin repair sun damage and prevent some future damage.

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