Sunday, September 6, 2015

Why Butt Augmentations (Brazilian Butt lifts) may not be the best way to go..

I came across an article the other day about the popularity of butt lifts.  Is this just a fad?  When will the fad go away (if ever)?  As a woman in her 50’s, I know that most women my age have always been concerned about having a butt that is too big. Why the “big butt” trends now?

A few months ago I asked my nieces about the “J. Lo butt”—they quickly corrected me and said “that is old school”.  I guess it is the Kim-K butt now.  Super-sized!

Remember your mother saying “if all of your friends jump off a bridge, would you too?” It’s idiotic. Unless you are bungee jumping, it probably isn’t a good idea. The concept of doing something everyone else is doing is actually unappealing and disingenuous to me.

Fat transfer to the buttocks actually works very well and can product great results. Statistics show that there has been a huge leap in the number buttocks augmentation (aka Brazilian butt lifts) in the past several years. What many call the Kim K-effect has women seeking a thicker, perkier butt. But with every trend comes danger– this is the jumping off a bridge part.

I think it is important to perform fat injections to the buttocks with a conservative eye and an awareness that what looks good now many not look good five or ten years from now--when the trend for fuller buttocks might not be "in"

So there you have it. The key to doing something everyone else is doing, is doing it in careful moderation. As I read in the article “That way, when you jump off that theoretical bridge, you land on a cushy tush.”

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